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Greater Florida LEGOŽ Train Club - Frequently Ask Questions

Top 5 LEGOŽ Train Questions:

1) I didn't know LEGOŽ made trains? Is this a new thing?
LEGOŽ trains have been around since the 1960s, but most of them were only sold in European countries. The discontinued LEGOŽ 9-volt electric train and track system that the GFLTC displays at shows was available 1991 through 2005. A new battery train system is rumored to be released in 2009 based on the new power function system.

2) What gauge is this?
We just like to call it "LEGOŽ-Gauge" or "L-Gauge"! It looks like "O-Gauge", but the scale of the track, trains, etc. are not the same. L-Gauge track rails are about 6 LEGOŽ studs apart with 2 x 8 stud ties.

3) What scale is it?
We like to call it "mini-figure scale (i.e. the little LEGOŽ people), but to be honest there really isn't a scale in unit of measure per say. Some people say that one LEGOŽ stud equals one foot, but that means that the trains are not to scale unless you make them wider, longer, etc.

4) Do LEGOŽ trains use a lot of special pieces?
Not really, the only real train specialty pieces used are track, motors, wheels and couplers. The rest of the train is same pieces used in the other LEGOŽ sets.

5) I have never seen LEGOŽ trains before, where can I buy them?
Your best bet is to wait for the new system in 2009 or check web sites like EBay or BrickLink for the 9-volt or the older 12-volt LEGOŽ train systems.

Top 5 Layout and Display Questions:

1) Is the layout all LEGOŽ?
We like to tell people it's 99% LEGOŽ, only the table are made of wood, plastic, etc. We've used decals on a few of our trains, vehicles and buildings to add some realism. Other than that, it's all LEGOŽ! All the electrical motors, lights, and computer controlled railroad crossing are all LEGOŽ components. As a rule, we only use non-LEGOŽ element for string or decals that might have been in a real LEGOŽ set. We want kids to be able to see the layout and think, "Wow, I can do that with my LEGOŽ bricks at home!"

2) How long did it take to build the layout?
Frankly, we don't know we stop counting the hours years ago, so there's really no way to know! We start building new stuff after each show and reuse built items all the time. Some of us build all the time and some of us don't build for weeks.

3) How many LEGOŽ bricks are in your club layout?
Truthfully, we don't know and there's really no way to know! I would guess it's in the tens of thousands. We could pull every thing apart and count it, but that would be a big mess and take weeks.

4) How did you build this layout and set it up?
Our members build with their own LEGOŽ bricks in sections, most section are about 10 x 10 or 15 x 15 inches square on a LEGOŽ Baseplates and are piece together with LEGOŽ road Baseplates in a preplanned layout per various club standards.

5) Where do you keep all of this stuff?
We all take our sections home or store them in our storage unit. Most of what you see is packed away most of the year and only setup at public shows and events.

Top 5 Club Questions:

1) What is GFLTC?
GFLTC is the Greater Florida LEGOŽ Train Club. We are a group of LEGOŽ enthusiasts, who collect, build and display trains in the state of Florida . We focus our attention on connecting our display sections to build one large layout for our own entertainment and public display.

2) When and where do you meet?
We try to hold regular monthly meeting, but it is more sporadic with months between meeting. It is hard to get everyone to meet in one place, with jobs, family life, etc. When we do meet it's at a local hobby shop or a member's home. We usually have a small track layout and bring a new LEGOŽ model for show and tell. Check our
Event Calendar for information on upcoming meetings.

3) Is the GFLTC associated with the LEGOŽ Company?
No, the GFLTC is a group of adult fans of LEGOŽ and layout is made up of the private collections of our members.

4) Does the LEGOŽ Company know about your club?
Yes, every LEGOŽ employee we have ever approached has been nothing but delighted with our layouts, displays and events.

5) Does LEGOŽ support you in any way?
Yes, the LEGOŽ Company did donate the majority of the bricks in the play area and has in past supply us with Shop at Home catalogs to hand out at our shows. But for the most part the entire club display is privately held by individual members. As you can see we spend a lot of money on LEGOŽ sets and parts every year.

If you have a question not answered here, feel free to contact us!


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