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Greater Florida LEGO® Train Club's Freight Locomotive Gallery.
Here you will find images of freight locomotive created by member's of the GFLTC.

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ConRail, SW1500 Switcher (No. 866)
MOC By: Robin W. - 2001
See this unit working the yard of the GFLTC's layout, but it is more than just a yard switcher. You can also see it running on the main line for short freight runs.

RobRail, GP38-2 Road Switcher (No. 1970, 1972, 1986)
MOC By: Robin W. - 2001
These three units are the work horses of the layout, running long freight for hours.
See unit # 1970... See unit # 1970.... See unit # 1972.... See unit # 1972.... See unit # 1972.... See unit # 1986....

Santa Fe, FP45 Cowl Unit (No. 100)
MOC By: Robin W. - Spring 2002
This cab unit was originally built for Super Chief passengers service, but the is used from time to time for Super C high speed freight service too.

Heritage Train, Alco RS-3 Road Switcher (No. 3)
MOC By: Robin W. - Spring 2002
This unit is used for the Heritage Train light passengers service, when the steam locomotive is out of service.


      Notes: MOC = My Own Creation


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